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Second mining rig not recognized

Hello! Since our initial mining rig is working so well w HiveOS, we have decided to begin moving the rest of our rigs from ETHOS over to HiveOS.

As we added a rig (our second on HiveOS), and assigned it the same miner, pool and wallet as our first rig, for some reason the rig is not being recognized by nanopool even though HiveOs is showing it mining away nicely.

Any ideas?

Have you:

  1. different rigs names ?
  2. check connection second rig to pool?
  3. check config on rig? (with miner config)

Thank you HaloGenius.

I do have different rig names for the two rigs.

How would you recommend I check the connection from the second rig to the pool? As I am using a single wallet for these two rigs, I am not sure how I can test this.

Regarding the config on the second rig - all I did was choose the wallet and miner config that I am currently using for my first rig on HiveOS. I didn’t do any other config. Could that be the issue?

I just assumed (obviously I was wrong), that when I assigned the same wallet and miner config from my first HiveOS rig to the second rig, that the second rig would automatically be configured to interact with nanopool (which is the pool in the config for the first rig).

Rig control panel from web has several magic buttons below miner choose drop-down list.

One of this button calling Log. Press it, wait several seconds and clock on “reload” at the top level menu.

Now you get miner log at blue balloon.