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Screen not recognized when plugged on the rig

Hi Friends,

Here again for your help.

I can’t get my screen to work when I plug it directly on the rig.
If I plug it to the motherboard, it works only if i unplug the GPUs.
I read somewhere on the web that when a GPU is plugged, the motherboard vidéo ports are disabled, but it still does not work either if I plug the screen directly on a GPU. I tried all the GPU (in HDMI).
On the motherboard, both of HDMI and VGA work, but without GPU…

The rig works fine and is mining right now, but I would like to have an eye on it, without using the Hive shell or graphic interface.

Do you have an idéa ?
Thank you for your help.

what MB? disconnect the one riser that is connected to long slot (x16) and plug it into one of the short ones. you should get your screen back…just a quess :wink:

ASUS Z 170A Motherboard
Cannot disconnect a GPU only 6 ports for 6 GPUs…

What does “quess” mean ? Question ? Guess ?
Is it an expression ?

(i’m french…that’s why …)

hahah…i was just thinking that you might have more ports and on some motherboards dont like riser connected to x16 slot, it will disable display…a bit more info in question is allways good for troubleshooting…forget about it…was just trying to be helpfull… :confused:

No problem! Thanks anyway.

Is anyone else has an idea ?

amigo lograste solucionarlo?tengo el mismo problema! :cry:

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