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Schedule HiveOS rigs to Startup/Shutdown


Does anyone know how i can schedule my rigs turn ON & OFF automatically without actually buying a smart plug & cutting power to the rig?

I’m lookingt o start the two rigs at 8am & shut them at 2pm, this schedule would repeat daily.

Thank you,

Was this question ever answered?

Would love to have an answer to this. I want to shutdown mine from 3pm-8pm, then have them start back up.

So far, the 3pm shutdown works, but the 8pm restart does not work because I have to push the button on the MOBO.

Still waiting on answer

This can be done but you need to configure the start up part in the bios in power management. I was looking to do the same thing shutdown 4pm and restart 8pm . Hive OS will only let you shut down on a schedule. look at this for the example to configure startup in bios on bios.

I am doing this with wake on lan command, but they have to be all on the same network, or you need some raspberry to do the job for you.