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Sbrminer 2.3.7 rtx 3070

If anyone is familiar with the usage of the latest version, Miner SBR 2.3.7, and knows how to overclock the 3070 on Dynex, I would greatly appreciate it if you could share the information with me. I have tried using the hashrate website, but it only provides information on onezerominer. Thank you in advance.

you can use the same OCs on both miners as a starting point

I did but the power consuming in sbrminer is alot then onezerominer with the same oc

Reduce the oc if you want lower power draw.

It shouldn’t
Try nvtool -i [n] --setcoreoffset 300 --setclocks 1455 --setmem 5001

I just copy nvtool -i [n] --setcoreoffset 300 --setclocks 1455 --setmem 5001 same as this command?

Same problem

That is not the correct syntax for srbminer. You can see the examples here