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Sata for Risers

So I know sata cable not best advised for pci riser but just want to ask as little baffled with what is stated everywhere.
I’m waiting on some pcie cables 6 and 8 pin arriving tomorrow…but I put 1660 super on rig today and was short of cables,so decided to run a sata to pci to power up…its a 4 link sata in to psu and I’ve put 2 x sata to pci to a riser each and powering gpu’s of separate pci to pci.
As I say,was gonna leave itlike this for tonight but on my mind whether to just unplug 1 gpu tonight till neww cable arrive tomorrow as it is on my mind about overheating :thinking::thinking:.

The thing that gets me when reading/watching about over heats on sata cable is when It states drawing power from riser to gpu…maybe I’m reading this wrong but surely the power direct from psu in to the gpu via pcie cable is where the gpu is taking its power??..
Or am off there as not 100% on electronics.

Thoughts guys…


I can only shared what I found online and after running a few rigs(YMMV):

  • PCI slot specs 75watts of power, some GPUs have been documented to pull more.
  • SATA connector is 55watt spec, max
  • Molex and 6pin over the 75watt level
  • Some rigs run for weeks or months, and for some reason melt down the SATA connectors.
  • You’ll find pictures of GPUs melting down their 8pin power connectors as well, go figure :frowning: (faulty cards, re-boot order, whatever)

Choose your poison :slight_smile:

I do run single SATA per leg to risers on my test bench, but I don’t let them run unattended/overnight out of abundance of caution.

I do run up to (2) Molex connected risers on high quality cables with low power cards.

I prefer to use 6 pin connections to my risers on my higher power GPUs(VIIs, 2080TIs, and single 3090).

Wishing you the best mining results and little unplanned drama!

I took them out lastnight.
They seemed fine after about 6-7hrs of running but overnight and while I’m out today didn’t think it was worth leaving it in…I have pci 4 splitters arriving today so just decided to wait till they arrive

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