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Sapphire X080 Settings for RVN


After spending some time looking for the optimal HiveOS settings for the Sapphire X080 (Radeon RX 6700M 10224 MB · Micron GDDR6 · 113-D5142100-S03) i found almost none mining RVN with this GPU.
Can someone please advise?
Thank you in advance.

I’m using now X060 settings… Sapphire GPRO X060 Mining GPU Hashrates (ETH, ERGO, RVN, FIRO, FLUX) - YouTube

Should be similar to the 6600xt settings, but as always you should fine tune your clocks and voltages per card, instead of relying on others settings to get the most out of each

Thank you keaton_hiveon. I will try that later and i will let you know.

Best regards.

You should be able to use a higher core clock. You should do better than 21-22 on the 6700

Lower soc frequency and voltage and put memory at 1073 (similar to the xt).

Not much data on the 6700 non xt or 6700m.

On my XT I think I was running 1000mhz soc freq, 900-950mv soc max volts. A little bit higher than the eth 960/860 soc clocks since Rvn uses more core power. Nice power savings without much loss on hashrate. Memory undervolts I think were something like 760mv/1270mv. (May have been 660ish instead of 760ish I forget). Core you can play around with best clock and voltage support.

1073mhz mem instead of 1075 because as soon as you touch the soc undervolts it wouldn’t play nice at 1074 or 1075 but the non-xt may be different.

With the undervolts you lose a tiny bit of hash (sometimes even gain hash) but your profitability will be higher because of a greater efficiency.

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