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Sapphire RX5500 XT Pulse 4GB 128Bit GDDR6 or Inno3D GTX1660 Super Twin x2 6GB 192Bit GDDR6


I am a total newbie and just started to read and watch about crypto currency mining. I plan on stating with ETH for the time being.

In the mean time, I am trying to decide on my minimum system to have my mining startup. I lack on cash and starting with minimum cost systems to learn basics.

I can find subject cards both. AMD one is 4GB and I read a lot about 4GB cards to have decreased mining power and something about zombie mode etc.

I can brand new cards. I have cash enough for two AMDs or just one NVIDIA from subject cards. Two AMDs cost almost the same one NVIDIA for me. On paper it makes sense to buy two AMDs as combined mining power is higher then one NVIDIA.

I cannot simply device because I do not have enough knowledge about difficulty increases. How frequent difficulty increases? How long until NVIDIA 6GB will have higher mining rates?

If it is after one year time, I might still go with two AMDs as my return on investment will be shorter with them.

I am more towards having two of these 4GB AMDs but I really appreciate your valuable feedback and some light to break even point of two AMD and one NVIDIA in subject.

Thanks & Regards,

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