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Sapphire RX 580 4GB Improve Hashrate

I have 6x 580 4Gzb mining ETH

Each one gets 12.91 MH/s

Is this normal ?

How can I improve ?

Guess no one has a RX 580

I think it is normal on 4G memory card to mine ETH. DAG file is over 4G now, so it is better to use 8G card.

I used Polaris to tweak the bios and flash it, and use the above settings, I cant go any higher otherwise it becomes unstable.

Hi! Today i finished building my first RIG with rx570 4gb ( for start - later planning to get 8gb cards ). With Polaris tweak what you exactly mean? You flashed gpu with specific BIOS? where I can get it? I have 2xRX570 and they together get lower hashrate then 1 yours :frowning:

What hashrate are you getting