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Sapphire Radeon RX 6500 XT Pulse 4GB GDDR6 driver -Unknown GPU 1002-743frc1

Hi. I have a problem with gpu 6500xt.
I have this error - Unknown GPU 1002-743frc1
i can’t get hive to recognize it. Ideas?

This is a driver issue. I have a few cards and currently doing tests in Windows. From what I know the driver is already released for Linux. Research the topic (and what commands you should use to update it). Also would be important to mention that you can see a “slow down” if you have other “older” cards in the sam rig.

I can’t find him. I also updated with beta and stable. He does NOT see them

I just looked up the driver’s directory and we don’t have the new one.
Here we have Linux drivers:
I’m just not sure how to add this file to Hive Os and try to run it. If anyone can give some guidelines I can start a new rig and I have 3 different RX 6500 XT’s to try mining TON.

No updates when driver 22.10.2 will be included for this card?

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How is it possible that the hobbyist miner has HiveOS with AMD GPU drivers 22.10.1 as can be seen in this video ???

How can I also get AMD GPU drivers 22.10.1 on my HiveOS in order to be able to use my AMD RX 6500 XT GPU?!


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