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Sapphire Radeon RX 570 8GB only ETC=17MH/s / RVN=5MH/s with Bios Flash and Settings

I have a problem.
I have a Sapphire Radeon RX 570 8192 MB - which is supposed to mine RVN or ETC.

I have already flashed the BIOS using Polaris Bios Editor. It was apparently also accepted, because I see a difference to the original file when I download it again.
The value Max Memory Freq. (MHz) has changed from 2200 to 2300MHZ.
In the hive itself have the following settings for RVN:
Core Clock, Mhz: 1150
Core State, index: 5
Core Voltage, mV: 870
Memory Controller Voltage, mV: empty
Memory Clock, Mhz: 2000
Mem State, index: empty
Memory Voltage, mV: 850
Fan, %: Blank
Power Limit, W: empty

As Minder I use the Teamredminer.

Unfortunately I only get 5.016 MH in the hive and an AVG of 4.77MH/s in the pool.

In ETC, I can’t get past 17MH/s.

I have seen on the internet that I should be able to get a much higher speed.

Can anyone help me?

Remove all settings and start from scratch. Set one value at a time and see what’s holding you back.

Moving from ETH to ETC shoul have lead you to absolutely no change.
I have the exact same rate, heat and power consumption with ETC

If you mone RVN, you have to significanlty lower you clock and push vdd

You can stay with ETH BIOS while mining RVN, it performs well.

Here’s my ETC rig,if it can help, with an RX 570

-amdtweak 20

The best setting I’ve found for ETC is just 17.8MH/s for AVG

Things to know with RX 580

Core state : useless, trash it
VDD : From 850 to 900 to reach 1100 to 1220 MHz
870 mV for 1150 MHz may be too low, even if t° are also low
Memory : Highly depending of manufacturers, seveal use both of it (like Samsung and Hynix)
Sweet spot should be between 2000 to 2200
MVDD : Should be tuned to 800mV for good result and low power consumption
Fan : 65%

What Sapphire is it ?

  • Pulse
  • Nitro+
  • Nitro+ SE


Do I have to set the BIOS jumper on the card to a different position?

On KAWPOW is the Max. 5.321MH/s

My Settings in PolarisBiosEditor

Got exact same timings but with Samsung / Micro combo memory
Try Mclock @ 2000

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