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Sapphire PULSE RX 5600 XT BE

Hello i am new at mining any advice to make it better?

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Mod your Bios

it is modded

Finally, in regard with others results for 5600, you’re not so bad. What do you expect ?

Have a look at this post :

You have Samsung memory, you are at your limit. Samsung memory suck!

you are good,i hawe 10 5600 xt and they are around 41-44,with good temperature and power consumption

I just bought a Sapphire RX 5600 XT BE and would like to know what hashrate did you manage to have before flashing. And where did you find the modded bios for this card? Is it any good? If you brick your card, don’t you have the bios selector in the card itself? Thanks!

@teodow Good evening I have a graphics card like yours I can not have a hashrate as yours could you uploaded the bios please

Hi there,

would you be so kind and share how you modded the Sapphire Pulse 5600Xt Bios with samsung memory?

I have the following Card: Sapphire RX 5600 XT 6 GB Pulse OC 113-4E4262U-X4Q NAVI10 A1/A2 E426 XLE 6GB 300e/875m 3HP2 Samsung. But it should be the same because of the Samsung memory.

If you have the BIOS ready I would very much apprechiate it if you could send it to me via email.

Have a great day!

here is the bios I use for the sapphire rx 5600 xt BE with samsung memory :

de rien.

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