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Sapphire 6600 29.18 Hashrate 60 watt power usage fix needed

Hello everyone, i leave my results at bottom please check it. I want help for decrease power usage i see around people making those cards using around 40 watts but i tried their OC settings when i apply it my rig crash and it not work, so i can’t decrease power usage from 60 watt to 40 watt? If someone know the trick can you help me? Thank you.

thank you for the answer, i tested it and same issue im getting crash no gpu driver error. Maybe you doing something else? Modding or so idk?

i just noticed now and i tried ur settings with only hynix memory cards yea it worked, its not working for micron memory somehow it crash, any idea for make it work for micron memory cards?

Here is the only one I have

dont use random peoples OCs.
tune your cards for the best clocks.
-find the highest stable mem clock that get you the highest hashrate(6600 non xt are limited to 950mhz)
-find the lowest core clock that maintains full hashrate
-find the lowest voltage for the core, memory, memory controller, soc and lowest soc frequency that maintains stability and full hashrate.

thats all there is to it.

Thank you all for help, now i have stable settings since 24 hours no crash and 45watt power usage.

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