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Sapphire 6600 14.55mh kawpow RVN hashrate 60Watt power need oc settings for micron

Hello everyone, i search alot and not found anything about Sapphire 6600 micron memory overclock settings for RVN mining. Everyone shared hynix memory and it crashing micron memory cards. Thats my oc settings i do my best but i reduced max 60watt it was 80 watt. So if anyone have better oc settings please share it.

You need to find the lowest stable voltages for each card, if it’s not stable start from scratch. don’t use others random ocs that worked for their cards.

Thanks for answer, yea i know but i need start point, so i hope someone can share his own oc settings for micron memory cards, then i can modify and find stable configs.

Start at default clocks and voltages, find the optimal core and memory, then optimal voltages.

thats what i did and i success to decrease from 80 watt to 60 watts can’t decrease more, it always crash.

You can only go as low as the card will run at

I know but i see some people run this card with around 40-45watts

Not all cards are the same. If yours won’t undervolt as low as others that’s just how it goes

No bro you wrong, check this topic i open it months ago and someone shared his micron oc settings for the eth and it decreased watts. So all i need is someone share with me for RVN oc settings for this card.

You need to find the best values for your card. Someone else’s oc wont be best for your card. Not all cards will undervolt to the same voltage.

Don’t use random ocs, fine tune yours.

Notice that this screenshot is for Ethereum, not for Raven.
And I understand you. I got mine only as low as 53w on Ethash…

yep, i play a bit and it decreased to 53 watts now but still its high, i see some people make it work 45-47

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