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Sapphire 5700 nitro plus error

I have a saphhire 5700 nitro plus.

This error occurs when I turn up the memory clock.
Only 860 is OK. But higher gives an error.
what’s the reason?

Witch memory brand?
What is the Vmem ??

My memory brand is micron.

Core Clock 1350

Core voltage 775

Memory Controller Voltage 775

Memory Clock 860

Memory Voltage 1300

Fan 55

Rise memory controler Voltage to At LEAST 800

How much time does it take to crash ?

Almost 2 to 5 minutes

Does anyone have the original BIOS file below?

Radeon RX 5700 XT 8176 MB · Sapphire
Micron GDDR6 · 113-D1990102-O07

i`ve got
Radeon RX 5700 XT 8176 MB · Sapphire

Micron GDDR6 · 113-D1990103-O09
sorry :frowning:


Hi roozbeh
did you find any solution
same hare
5700XT with micron only works core 1245
any other crash
and hashrate is 52
but my other cards is 56

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