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Samsung memory - RX580 Low Hashrate

Modded using Polaris Bios one-click editor 1.6.7 with Ubermix 3.1 and Hynix settings. When I use version 1.7.4, the hash rate goes down to 19mh/s. Before, I’d be seeing it run around 29mh/s. However, When I try to increase memory clocks or undervolt it, the card crashes and causes other gpus to give incorrect shares. Then it disappears while also displaying a low voltage. It is stable at its current 22mh/s. I haven’t tried the memtweak option yet though. When I run it without any over or underclock settings, it is also stable at 23 mh/s and 150 watts tdp. Any help appreciated because this card has been bugging me for the past month.

Nevermind, solved the problem with memtweak at 20!!! Now it’s around 30.3 mh/s

I use uber mix 3.2 with the same samsung memory.
My card works with 1168 core clock 860 core voltage 2100 memory clock and 800 memory controller voltage.
Switch the aggresive undervolting on.

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