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Same Video Card but different hash rate

I installed a new video card in my RIG, and an old one start to show a lower hash rate.

Any thoughts?

OC is the same for all.


Is the card memory same? I mean memory brand is the same?

How do you know it’s the old card that the hash rate lowered? When adding GPUs because of the way that MOBO work, the may not be in same GPU (0,1,2, etc.) location. Like Nenad$ said if the Vram is different brand then it’s most likely not going to get the same hash rate. Also, even same VRAM there can be differences more than you are seeing with the cards that are getting ~61.52.

If you disconnect the new one, do you then all show ~61.52? If so, then new card is the one that getting ~59.18.

Actually, I changed the miner from T Rex to
G-Miner and now all cards are with the same hash rate.
I think it could be some bug in T-rex.


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