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Safe to run HiveOS on a 8gb USB?

Howdy, I’ve had Hive OS running on an old 8gb USB stick I found laying about for a couple days now (despite some problems with my motherboard) and I’m wondering if it’s ok for me to keep on keeping on? Will the drive run out of space at some stage and just stop working?

Should I go get a ssd or maybe a bigger USB stick? I love the ease of running it from the USB, is there any inherent reason why I can’t just leave the 8gb in or go get a cheap 16 or 32gb USB?


In my personal experience when I ran HiveOS Beta on a USB stick, sometimes the computer would boot into the BIOS screen and sometimes, the computer would load HiveOS just fine from the USB after a “power-off and power-on cycle.” I found that using BalenaEtcher to put the HiveOS Beta Image on a SSD drive worked better for me, or at least, I have not had the issue where the computer boots into the BIOS automatically since I switched from USB to SSD.

Some will say that a SSD drive is rated to last longer than a USB drive, etc. I’m using Kingston 120GB SSDs from Amazon on each of my rigs that I purchased for $20USD each. Food for thought. If you want to use USB drives, that’s cool. But if you start having booting problems, switch over to SSD.

I HIGHLY recommend going to SSD. USB sucks. Don’t cheap out on this. Mine sometimes won’t recognize the USB drive and goes back into BIOS. So if I’m remote, I can’t get it to restart.

32GB USB is $7
120GB SSD is $19, don’t cheap out on $12 difference.

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What device do you use for the flash piece for the SSD (if you use an adaptor)? Or do you actually install a second SSD in a spare M.2/SATA and boot to it - I was recently told by the devs that hiveOS doesn’t support dual boot, so that would seem to kill that idea.

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