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S9 Power reading with HiveOS firmware, is it accurate?

Hi, this is my first time using HiveOS. I’m wondering,

Power Reading
is the power reading correct? only 80W for 11.8TH/s on 550 Mhz frequency. But the weird thing is, if i set the frequency to 637 Mhz, power reading is 1300W. That is a huge difference from 80W to 1300W.

Also, the autotuning doesn’t seem working. I set the overclock profile to 1300W, but the worker always stay on 550 Mhz, unless i override the global chain frequency here(on ASIC local config):

it needs time to get change ,see Miner Configuration log to see it in time

and power reading is not correct,for waht I test on S9i,it can make hasgrate more than 15T and less that 1350 watts for dig BTC