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S19j Pro mining failure

I own 6 S19j Pro mining machines, which have been running steadily in a noise isolation box for the past 6 months, with temperatures never exceeding 71 degrees Celsius. However, recently, I noticed that one of the mining boards would occasionally disconnect, resulting in a drop in mining output. Initially, I suspected it might be a hardware or software issue, but after multiple restarts, the problem remained unresolved.
These machines were sourced from different places. Two of them were brand new and purchased from ASICMinerValue, while the other four were second-hand devices acquired from ASICFinder. Interestingly, most of the issues seem to occur with the brand new devices, which is quite perplexing.
After further observation and attempts to troubleshoot, I noticed that these failures appear to be related to network fluctuations. As a result, I decided to try using custom firmware to potentially improve the performance and stability of the devices. However, some people have warned that using specific firmware versions could increase mining efficiency but might also lead to instability in some machines. This raises more questions: Is it worth taking such risks, especially considering the current mining environment and electricity costs?
Faced with such a complex situation, I wonder if there are underlying reasons for these issues. Could there be deeper factors at play?

If youre having issues with new machines they should be under warranty for 1 year i believe. You can check warranty status online