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S19 jpro Error : Fan level is 35 which is <= than 70, switch to profile 2

Somebody has already had this error :

I tried restart and reboot, same error. :frowning:
Thanks for your experience. :slight_smile:

do you have it set to auto increase/reduce profile?

Thanks for these advices. I tried manual reboot with your set .
The first reboot doesnot work, because of this :

I don’t understand what does in mean also. :sweat_smile:
I tried an other reboot, and the S19 is running since 12 hours without problems. :+1:

I have an other one S19jpro, 2 hashboards on it are OFF, “0 asics are detected” during the starting process, i tried these hashboards with an other same S19jpro, same error.
An other good advice about this malfunction? :slight_smile:

what settings do you have for the watchdog?

sounds like you may have faulty hashboards that would need repaired? as long as youve ruled out everything else

Watchdog was off (settings watchdog is on hiveos only?) and all auto increase/decrease profil too.
ok, don’t worry, it doesnot matter. :+1:

Yes, i think so. :frowning:
I had some S17 few years ago, i used your firmware also, we could hash with only 1 or 2 hashboards on 3, when one was faulty.
It’s not possible with S19?

you can mine with 1 or 2 hash boards on an s19, you can unplug them physically or disable them in the IP dashboard

Miner configuration > asic management
Then select disable next to the chain (hash board) you want to disable
Save and run at bottom right
Takes a few minutes to start saving

Ok, Thank you, it was really easy though… :wink:
My S19 is running good with only 2 hashboard now. :+1:

Keaton, in the image above, the auto switch profiles, should ours look like the image above or do we need to go through and configure? I have configured, so maybe that is also what is triggering constant reboots?

It depends what you want it to do, what settings do you have applied?