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S19 Asic mining

Chip temperature is over threshold value, activate profile 13: chip temp 84 (threshold 80), pwm 100, time 33

i have adjusted firmware to wear the CHIP Board is at 85c and the chips are at 93c for testing. I still keep getting the above error. next i will try turning off the Protect chip wiget in the firmware settings

Edit Protect chip widget doesnt fix the issue ether. My Other S19 95ths are doing fine with same settings. About every other S19 has this issue. Seems Like a Hiveos issue

What firmware version are you on? Can you send me a link to the worker that’s having trouble?

figured it out. under auto switching profiles there is s Temperature threshold. mine was set to 80. even though I am not using auto switching changing that to 89 seemed to fix it.