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S17 is offline in the farm, but still mining

Hello community,
I have to Antminer S17. They run perfectly for 5 month.
Now the in the hiveos app and in web shown as offline after 8-12 days. But the miner are still mining. Checked under the IP-Interface and of course in the pool.
When I restart the miner everything is fine again.

The problem is that both miner having some problems that I don´t like to restart them.
1 Miner sometimes don`t find the temp sensor on 1 hash board.
2 Miner don´t find 1 board. After some restarts it works again.
Repair in Europe mostly not possible. That is the reason why I wold like to not always make a restart.

Any Idea how to restart interface without restart or maybe a trick to bring them back in the hiveos?

Reapply the farm hash in the hiveos tab