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S17 Auto Overclock, Skipped entire board (S17 HiveOS firmware)

I’m currently refreshing 4 S17s.
-I Have loaded the latest Beta firmware on all 4.
-I ran Overclock / auto tune profile 78 TH
-3 of the 4 S17s ran completely as expected and finished in ~3h15min

Number 4 acted completely different. It took about 6 hours, and only tuned to about 63TH. At first I figured it was a problematic board or two. But when I started digging into the log I found something interesting. At no point does it have ANY entries about changing Freq on board 1.
It is like is like the Auto Tune completely skipped this board.

I reaffirmed this assumption by taking the tuned figures for board 2 & 3 and manually applying them. This seemed to increase the performance as expected.

Has anyone seen similar behavior?
Any suggestions other then run it again? (which I will in the near future)

My preference is to use OC Profiles as to rely on Detune actions at Temp triggers. But I I can’t really rely on them if they tune only 2 out of 3 boards.


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