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Ryzen 2700x Stock Speed and Temp question

So I recently finally upgraded (well made a new build and passed my old one down to my son) from an i5-2500k to a Ryzen 2700x. At stock, nothing changed in bios except for switching my RAM speed to DOCP 3200mhz. According to HWmonitor, while playing games I am hitting 4.4ghz on all cores and my max temp is peaking at 93c with the stock Wraith Prism cooler. The vcore is maxing at 1.493 Nox VidMate

My question is why is it boosting so high? I thought it was only supposed to boost if it had thermal headroom, and to me that is way too high (coming from the i5-2500k mind you, which was a much cooler processor). What do I need to change to bring the temps down to a reasonable setting, or do I just need to swap out the stock cooler for a different cooler?