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RX6800 Not recognized


I have been searching the forums but cant find anything to help me. I have a rig I am introducing RX6800’s to. Hive recognizes the card but says unknown GDDR6. I have upgraded to 16GB of ram and forced PCIE lanes to gen 1 and updated hive to 0.6-203@210515.

I look up amd-info and hive says to amd cards installed. This seems to be a driver issue to me but I cant get the drivers to update. Hive reports amd drivers at 20.40.


Here’s what fixed it for me, I went on Hive Shell and typed “hive-replace -y --stable” make sure it fully installs and reboots, then after use PheonixMiner 5.4c!

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Dude! This got it to show correctly now I just gotta figure out how to get it to mine. Phoenixminer keeps crashing/ rebooting while trying to initiate.

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