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Rx6800 ASrock low hash

Hi I am new to HiveOS. My vanilla 6800 was out of the box on windows only 49 mhs and I managed to get it up to 54-55 with over clock memory and underclocked core GPU. I was totally stuck until one day i did a crazy thing and slid my main power slider to +10 (max) on wattman radeon software. Voila I was 61 mhs which is acceptable. The odd time it briefly crawled to 64-65 then down again but not for any notable amount of time and i never understood why. On wattman and with MPT i ran at 650 cpu mv, 1150 cpu core, 2150 (1075) mem clock and +10 power limit. On Hive now I am hella stuck at 53-54 mhs. Mem clocks are lower for my 5700xt and 6800 which isnt a huge deal. I can run all voltage settings from 650-925 individually and it makes no difference. Core is set to 1150 but raising it does help either. It seems I will need to increase 2 or more power limits together to see an impact but i am not sure where to start? Given the fact I cant change clocks on the fly it makes this painstaking. Any ideas? Please give ALL clock stats that u changed. Thanks

same problem. 54-55…

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