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RX6700XT XFX 12G device is not responding


I have a problem with 2 x GPU that I have just bought.
I keep getting this error after 10 seconds of mining:
Error on GPU: Device not responding, check overclocking settings

But I don’t have made any OC for now, all the settings are default.

I have tried changing riser, only one GPU but it is the same.

I have tried gminer, lolminer, TeamRedMiner but all of them are crashing.

I am running the latest version of hiveos:

Do you have any ideas how to solve this problem ?

Thank you

Hey, have you solved your issue?

I am getting same error: device not responding, check overclocking settings. It’s a gigabyte 2060, samsung memory, mild OC 1000 1900 PL125. Crashes randomly, could be 20 mins or 12 hours.