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RX6700XT is there a procedure for bios mod

Hello miners,
Does anyone do bios mod for RX6700XT cards? How and what you change, do you use MPT and RBE?
I recently buy 5x PowerColor Red Devil RX6700XT cards and 1x PowerColor HellHunder RX6700XT card. Out of the box they give 45MHs each only HH gives 44MHs.
Cause i use HiveOS i am asking here what are your OC and UV mine are : core 1090 vdd 800 mem 1065 PL 1207
what is the best OC and UV for this cards

Also i find that Phoenix miner latest version at the moment don’t work cause error of pre-setting GPU it cannot check some registry. I try to use different miner and find that TRM latest version at the moment works great as at image bellow

use this OC setting

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Hello @prosperity ,
Is this OC are on stock BIOS or mod BIOS?
All mine cards have stock BIOS, cause i don’t find yet good tutorial how to mod.

Hi, @mladenciric!
6700 not have modified BIOS. Just set OC as per screenshot and use nbminer v38.1 .

Tell us about the result when you try it

If it not working update hiveOS to last stable version ( open hive shell and enter hive-replace -y --stable) then try these settings

Unfortunately this settings don’t work for me.
First i found that i have high LA values
Second i found that card don’t start fans, they start it after i issue command gpu-fans-find 0 - i think that autofan problem exist
Finally when previous problems resolved NB miner starts bud no hash rate.

I suppose that HiveOS don’t load cards well.
Driver version on this rig is A 20.40 (5.11.0701).
On this machine i have little amount of memory just 4GB is it enough?
also currently i run hiveos on usb flash memory 64GB is that may cause problems?

on drivers 5.11 you need to use nbminer v39.1 and this settings

It’s enough. I also have 4 and also a flash drive for 32

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But why i have LA above 3.x it is to high.
Also the problem with fans is still here.

Ok. Thanks.
i will try it just now and inform

I think all must be okay

I have much more trouble than i expected.
first command hive-replace -y --stable take to long
second i find that if i use ssd instead flash i get better LA results
third i still have problem that autofan don’t work - all card starts and remain at 0% fan thus temps goes high.
forth NB miners 39.1 which is the latest version don’t load DAG file correctly for some cards and that cards report hash rate but don’t mine at all or makes invalid and rejected

this is what i can read at console

Blockquote Device 5: DAG - Verification failed, invalid 1.0%.


Hello Miners,
Thanks to @prosperity i find best settings for my 6700xt rig. And it works stable.


Rig have consumption from wall about 710w.


Good news! I very glad to see that! We did it!

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yes we did

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Did you find a way to mod bios in HiveOS? My 6700 XT does 47MH at 80 watts in Windows.

Still no bios mod for 6700/6800xt ?

Have you guys tried Red Bios Editor (RBE) [v1.0.7]: Download, Tutorial, Settings ?

There is another thread that goes into ocing for the 6700

You should be able to do better than 46 Mh/s around 68W. Not sure how all the miners compare. TRM gives good results. Was using TBM but had too many invalids

Don’t think you need to mod the card. Hive let you use almost any oc without issues