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Rx6600xt Raven coin

Hi, i got problem with my amd’s cards rx6600 xt with samsung memory and this settings on Raven coin(kawpow) gminer , can sameone help me with better settings ?

Are you using teamredminer?

i use gminer becouse i have nvidia and amd in rig

You can use multiple miners on one rig. Just tell gminer you want it to only use nvidia cards.and use trm for the amds

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thanks man its really help me !!

i got now about 17.60 mh its a good result?

Yep, that’s right where you should be

Can u help me with good setting on gtx 1660 ti ? i have t-rex miner

Find the highest stable memory clock, then find the lowest locked core clock that maintains full hashrate

Hello my 6600 give me 28,9 but core 900 and mem 950 no other réglages

i got now problem with 1660 ti hynix mem

what problem?

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