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RX580 & Radeon VII

I have my current rig set up with 2 x VII (starting off small) So i decided to buy 2 x RX580’s to boost the hash rate a little bit, however when i have them all powered up on the RX580’s are mining and the VII’s show but do not mine. I have tried using 1 of each model and still only the RX is mining.

When booting up all the GPU’s show and i even booted into windows to check and they are all showing with the latest firmware.

Mobo is a gigabyte Z390 and i have a 1200w psu, i have a feeling that it could be the mobo. In the bios i dont see any options to change the link speed to Gen1?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated

Try using the Beta img. I had same issue with rx570’s and rx5700 on same Mobo until switching to the Beta img.

I would make sure:

  1. my drivers are updated
  2. running the latest version of HiveOS
  3. try making separate Flight sheets for the groups of different cards - Make one flight sheet for the VII’s and make one flight sheet for the 580’s - as a test.