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RX580 OC Recommendations?

Hi Everyone,

5x DUAL-RX580-08G - with stock BIOS
1x ARMOR GP OC 8GB with stock BIOS

MSI : 30.03MH with 1270 1 920 2270 30 Power 80w
ASUS: /w Micron 31.5Mh with 0 3 850 2150 30 Power 75w
ASUS: /w Samsung 29.9Mh OC: 1270 1 920 2270 30

Using Claymore. Any recommendations for lower power consumption and BIOS mod ?

Hi FieBeR,

Is your Asus Dual RX 580 GB Samsung original bios?
I have a GPU of the same model and it is no more than 14MH, and in many times it makes the probe go into a loop restarting all the time.
I’m thinking of doing the bios update for mining, but I can’t find the bios set correctly.
Do you have a link to download this bios for this GPU?


Hi Erik,

Yes I am using stock bios. I have tried bios mod but I could not run this cards effectively after modding.
So i am using stock bios with lower oc settings attached.

HI FieBeR,

I understand, but my GPU doesn’t show me the best options for making an OC more effective.
See a post I made on the forum…

I have same GPU asus dual RX580 O8G, I frustrated till now how to OC
My memory Hynix
Anybody can help ?