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RX580 Modified vBios GOP Issue

Hi, Hoping someone can help me here.

I have a small issue with one of my rigs. this rig has 8x 580 8g Sapphire Nitro’s.
Recently my old Motherboard developed a fault and had to be replaced under warranty. They could not give me the same board, so instead I got a new MSI B460 Tomahawk as a replacement -no problem.
However, All my cards run modified vBios (of course) , and when the card that is plugged into the main PCI-E slot boots up on modified vbios - the motherboard gives me the ‘No GOP Support detected’ error. Then it automatically switches back to CSM mode.

I cannot run HIVE OS w/multiple cards in CSM mode. It must be UEFI mode.

So - the only way i can get the rig running , is to hit the vbios switch back to default on that one card and boot the system. Then that 1 card only manages around 27mh… so I’m loosing hash rate on 1 card.

It doesnt matter which bios i flash to… once I have flashed the bios in switch position 2, then It does not boot in UEFI (due to no GOP support).

How can I get GOP support working on my modified Vbios? OR … How can I disable the MSI Motherboard from checking for GOP on UEFI mode?

I understand there is some way of flashing GOP tables into the VBIOS , however the VBIOS is then too big for the flash… :frowning:

SO - what have others done??? Surely I don’t have to put up with running one card on factory bios, just to pass the GOP Boot check??

Wish I had the answer, but I appreciate you sharing your troubles. Most of my GPUs are Sapphire 5xx class and I was shopping for a new board to fire up my spares, etc.

I’ll be avoiding that chipset for a bit after my CSM fun and games on the ASRock H110 Pro.

Thanks - Yes unfortunately It seems there is no workaround for this at this time. It’s really a bit silly, as if you set your primary Graphics adapter to IGP in Bios, then the motherboard still looks for GOP on the primary PCIE slot…

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