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Rx580 micron 33.6 Mh Eth

Hi man,
I’m not an expert but im curious and I’ve the same type of memory(micron) in my cards but mine are Msi armour 8gb.
I’ve the current settings on hive:

Fan 65 / Core clock 1250 / dpm 4 / V 900 / Mem clock 2250 / mdpm 2 (or nothing it assume the max in some cases) / Ref 240

this at 82w per card on hive and I could reach between 33.5 and 33.7 Mh on claymore dual v14.7 mining ETH cards at 57 / 58° C

Good luck with the playing with settings everyone

Edit: 1d 5h mining 1 wrong share with the rx580 anyone have something that can improve this settings please? :grin:


nice buddy, I try your config on Phoenixminer I get 34Mhs per cards.

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Hi yes that’s true I just change it to phoenix and got good hashrates too :+1:

I currently use that configuration with my custom cooling system. It works fine for my home rig. I got 40Mhs per card for short time but not enough stable.

Good i need this bios u use plz
My card
Radeon RX 580 8192M · Gigabyte

Micron MT51J256M32

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33.5 and 33.7 Mh on claymore dual v14.7 with VBIOS modded and this OC settings right?

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hello! my I ask you to send bios of this card if you have samsung memory?

nice dude! auto moded the stock bios via polaris and used ur occ settings and got arround 33mh at 105w :smiley: good start, now to lower the w and find similar good stats für my samsung mem

Hello JaKo,

Did you find good settings for the 580 with Samsung memory?

hmm nah, im here right now … realy hard to squeeze more out/lower the W

JaKo can you please open the individual settings screens to see where you apply each configuration. Sorry I am new.

Hashrate de 32 MHS en la GPU Sapphire RX 580 (Samsung K4G80325FC) HiveOS with 84 Watts Hashrate de 32 MHS en la GPU Sapphire RX 580 (Samsung K4G80325FC) HiveOS with 84 Watts - YouTube

Hi Guys,

I applied the following settings yesterday, the power consumption has gone down drastically, however, I feel I’m getting too many rejection on this.

while using teamredminer the rejection was very high, around 20+ %. but I started using phoenix miner, the rejections is at 2-3%, can this be fixed? any possible OC settings would be highly appreciated! PS: Im a newbee…

additionally my XFX cards do not exceed the image , if I try to tweak something its starts crashing!!! any advise for GPU1 and GPU 2

it seems the issue is same as this post for my thread as I was getting so many process related error messages which got sorted after downgrading my miner to 5.4c and its working smooth!