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RX580 Low Mh Raven Coin Is It Really This Bad In 2024

I am seeking help with my rx580

It is getting really terrible MH barely over 1mh i read it’s at least capable of doing 14MH I am not even close

My Nvidia Gtx 1080 is hitting 18Mhs with high overclock settings ?

But my Rx580 is doing F all is the Rx580 really this bad now in 2024??

Rx580 settings:

Core Clock MHz : 1190
Core State: 3
Memory Clock mhz : 2000

Aggressive under volt is off

Advance config:

Amdmemtweak - - ref20

Any help or settings would be appreciated

Also yes I know it’s probably not worth mining with two gpus I just do it for fun if I make a couple cents I don’t really care about it why not use pc to make couple cents while I sleep

amdmemtweak --REF 20

Miner : last TeamRedMiner
Turn agressive undervolt ‘ON’

Flightsheet screenshot ?

I’ve got 25.7 MH/s with 1080 Ti

Bad results leaving over night ridiculous amount of reject shares:

here is what my rx580 is set to

the nvidia card isnt 1080 ti

it is a geforce gtx 1080 i am not worried about the nvidia card it seems to be getting 18 mh which i belive is pretty much max hash rate for that card

the amd card is barely getting 1.5mh

Indeed 18 Mh/s is upper of possible hashrate for 1080 @ 180W

Kawpow settings for MSI RX 580 ARMOR 8 GB

If you have Gaming X / Gaming + or Gaming X+, you should get even higher 14.5 Mh/s min
All of this with bios tweaked as an evidence.


Hey Dude the first setting
started at around 10mhs then dropped to about 9.5mhs I left it going for about an hour to test.

the second setting started on 11mh then dropped to around 10mh I believe my card is flashed bios but not mod

I don’t have windows access atm to mod it with the Polaris one click mod I only have hiveos rig which I believe is a old version of Ubuntu Linux

This Setting Is getting Me 10-10.5mh

is there a way to mod the vbios on linux ??

Yes ! Do it yourself browsing this site
Making your own experience with minimum of effort will help
Everything is online everywhere


Thanks for your help

I switched to NBminer and it is running

17-18mh for the 1080

10-11 for the rx580

There must be a issue with miniz duel GPU mining as that sits on 1.5mhz on the amd card and 17-18 for nvidia card

Gminer sits the amd around 9-10
And nvidia 17-18

But gminer has said dag has been damage check over lock settings for the 1080 GPU however it started mining and the error vanished

I don’t get the dag message on any other miner maybe power supply is to blame

So far I will just stick with NBminer till I can flash a mod vbios for the rx580

Not sure if I will bother modding or flashing the gtx card seems to be working max rate maybe already has a good vbios just not mod.

Gminer and nbminer keeps crashing after about 6hour and doesn’t restart mining :slightly_frowning_face: I think :thinking: I might have to run seperate miners like team red for the amd and then t Rex for nvidia it’s annoying to wake up and it’s stopped mining

I have tried higher power from 160 on the gtx 1080 to 180w

Something is making the miners crash hours into mining and when I hit restart they are just sitting on hive screen with the miner name and version number but nothing else happens so I have to full reboot very annoying

Turns out it’s the rx580 crashing on 850 memory volt

Best was to remove same miner an run two separate miners gminer outperform T rex on KawPow for the nvidia an team red miner no suprise performance best on rx580 no more crash’s an rx holds 580 power volt