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RX580 Dual mine etc+zil

I want to extract … but only in the operating system
Classic Ethereum is mined and the second and the second currency are not mined
pool = flexpool

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On flexpools website it tells you only bzminer is supporting their zil protocol so far.

on other pool for etc+zil or etc+kaspa but It does not work properly
pools 2miners and flexpool and k1pool and…
miners: lolminer and teamredminer and bzminer and…
my hiveos the last version

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Post a screenshot of your flight sheet and what you’re trying to mine

Hello, do you have a solution?
I also tried several parameters, I speak only for HiveOs not windows,
the ZIL works on Teamredminer on all pools with the parameter --Zil … --Zil end and also activate the dag…
for Bzminer it complicates for pools, the parameters are not accepted by Hiveos: activation of Dag OK
“cache_dag”: 1
the settings:
“algo”: zil
“a2”: zil
“w2”: xxxx
“p2”: is not accepted by HiveOs
here is my problem P2 thank you for your help

I speak with HiveO Flight sheet only
because live via terminal it works very well but a lot of loss of information… thank you