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RX580 and problem with Zombi mode

I have just purchased a cheap 4GB card that later will go into my kid gaming PC. Before he gets to start using the card I thought I try and squeeze out some MH/s from the card.

I have been running the card on Phoenix miner and is getting around 7-8mh/s. And it’s stable. Then I tried to launch lolminer 1.24a and then I start getting “detected a defect share” quite often. If I keep it running I get about 30% defect shares. sometimes I get it after just a few second, and sometimes it takes 5 minutes.

I have played around with the OC settings and have been using the same settings as I used on Phonenix miner but it just won’t work. I have tried turning down the mem speed and clock speed and also run stock settings.

I have also tried removing all 4 8GB ram modules and put in a stick from another system. Tried earlier versions of lolminer etc.

Also, it seems like the errors come after autotuning is completed. just a few lines and bang I get the error.

I am ofcourse running the card in a pcie 16 slot. Have also tried different slots.

Anyone got some input on what can be the issue?

Using OC settings:


Make sure you’re running lolminer and the card is in the PCiE 16 slot on the mobo. Won’t work on riser

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