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RX580 8GB - No OC preset runs stable

Hi newbie here.

I’ve two rigs, one I’m playing with the preset OC and getting some slight hash increases (0.3 LOL!) but power comes right down.

My other rig, whenever I try a present OC my rig overheats and crashes. I would like to get more MH. Can anyone help?

are the cards vbios flashed ( try to set fan to 80% first and go from there?

Thanks for the response. I’ve not touched anything with the cards in terms of vbios. I wouldn’t even know where to start.

from the i would assume that they are flashed with maybe wrong vbios. set mem first to 2050 mvdd to 850 mdpm 1 - vdd 850 - mvdd to 1 - core to 1050 and see how and if it mine, if its all good raise mem slowly to 2150…like 20mhz at the time and same with core up to 1080 vdd and mvdd can sit on 850. i think u need to flash those cards again but lets give it a try… at the and of each row there is 3 dots, try to download org bios from option download will appeare under the rowe and when u click it u can save it. choose to save bios to your vbios library

if u enable enable maintance mode from gui and reboot, then go to cards tab, maybe u can see what bios and what the gpus those actually are.

so tried to flash bios one 1 card as a test and got this:

GPUs showing this as their default settings:

okay, so this bios is downloaded from hive. try this one VBIOS
Looks like this is a match to your cards, cant be sure because off missing info where are…
It wont do no harm if it fails.

if it works, download Polaris bios editor free version. Open the vbios file that worked before with this software and just click “one click patch” right down corner of gui and answer yes to prompts and the save rom to your files, name it so u no what is what :wink: … and upload to your hive library and try to flash again, its with faster timings so more hash and higher OC.
good luck

those look like normal default settings, but u need higher mem and core, if there is no vbios it wont handle those

…and after each flash, reboot to vbios to take effect


tried a few VBIOS and can’t seem to get one to load. Constantly says “no VBIOS history”.

Slightest tweak to anything other than fan OC causes rig to crash.

I’m at a loss now :frowning:

have u run net-test, for analyze your connection

with some card s it have been pain to find right bios… have took many tries! dont give up. have u check’d miner logs whats happening when it Crash?