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RX580 8GB hashrate


Today set-up first rig. All working fine, BUT RX580 ethash hashrate is only 21mh MAX! With standard setup it’s 21mh with 130W. With some OC - 21mh with 70-80W.
PCIE Link speed - 5.0GT/s. PerfCtrl: manual, LOAD:100%, MemLoad: 66% (max approx 70%).
Interesting fact - Memory total: 8192, but used only 4280…

Any OC settings found on network - doesn’t not make more than 21mh… Advices?

I used to use custom clock/voltage settings, but now I just use -rxboost 1 on PhoenixMiner and get 30.8-32.8 MH/s on different 580 8GB cards using 80-100w. Maybe give that a shot and see if it helps.

Here’s a great advise in the comment on how to improve your rx580 hashrate.

Did you change bios in GPU ?
1100 core and 2050 on memory should give you ~30Mhash - dependig on the miner.

At the moment I get approx 24mh/s (71W) with phoenixminer. Core 1150, VDD 850, mem 2000. The interesting part is when I change memory. If I OC it to 2025 or up - hashrate goes down.

GPU BIOS not changed - how I know - stock. I only did BIOS update to MB.

MB: Asrock H110 Pro BTC+
Video: XFX RX 580 8GB
OS works from USB flash

Read phoenixminer readme and get familiar with -straps -gt and few others.
What kind of memory do you have ? Micron, Hynix, Samsung ?


Finally get this work! Problem - BIOS switch on GPU. Switched to I think stock (from internet information).

29.93 @ 75W I think is best for me. Use PhoenixMiner and Binance pool (any comments about this?)

You do relaize, thats not 75W ? right?
At those settings, you should have ~31-32Mhash

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Try adjusting your Core to 1150 and Mem to 2150 and use TeamRedMiner. Phoneix is reported to inflate hashrates.

Here’s my card which is the same as yours.

I have a samsung memory and not give more than 29mh, but the 590 give a 31 mh

Somebody has use VBIOS mod on the hive?

Yea, thanks. But with these settings and teamredminer I got only 28…

And another thing - in ~4 hours it got some invalid shares and goes offline too. Last night I got a record - 9 hours without system crash. Maybe some deadly HW? I flash GPU bios, but maybe someone have better vbios files (or original) for this card?

EDIT: With --eth_aggr_mode system works pretty good and stable (except hashrate).

My rigs :wink:


Bios flash?

hola tengo una rx 580 shapphire 8 gb le hice vios mod y el over y me llega a 29.62
como la mejoro??gracias

Hi can you please help me to configure my cards…

Thanks for sharing @dbbdark

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