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RX580 8GB 1 of 5 gpu low hashrate

I was on windows and all 5 cards were working at same hashrate. Now I am on HiveOs and one of the 5 gpu has low hashrate. It has 13mh/s and others 27 mh/s. This is main card which gets output on monitor. What can be the problem?

power problems? riser? psu?

I am having some what of the same issue. I have moved over from SMOS to HiveOS and my rig was just fine on SMOS with a steady MH/s of 29.7 on all of my RX 580’s. Now on HIveOS my MH/s on all of my RX 580’s is no more than 19.3 even after trying to oclock the shit out of them. If someone has some suggestions that would be great.

Same here 1060s and 570s and 580s look to all fluctuate on the hash rate, but on windows and SMOS they are stable. Doubt its hardware issue as it works on other OS

Same issue found in Rx480 Sapphire

I had the same problem and changed all my hardware but my GPUs.

The problem stayed, GPU 3 was not getting above 29 MH/s. I finally looked at my OC settings (same as on my other rig with same hardware which is running fine), and changed my memory clock from 2180 MHz to 2160 MHz.

Now my rig is running smooth at 177 MH/s

are u get solution bro, i have same problem too