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RX580 4GB basically not mining

Hi guys.

Recently I have decided to build a rig so I’ve got parts for it. However, I ran into problems. I have 5 RX580, 4GB. Every single one of them could not get over 0.3mh. Where should I look for problem and how to get the hashrate up? Mining ETH.

Mobo: Asus Rox Strix B250F
CPU: Intel G4400
PSU: 1600W

Hello, It’s not interesting to mine ETH with cards 4G. You can mine RVN,…if you use one card, the hashrate, it 's better?you activate “above 4g decoding” in your motherboard bios?


I cannot find that option in my motherboard’s bios. Maybe update would help?

I will mining RVN later this week.


My card is doing the same. I just put it in and I am only getting 4.45 mh out of it

Same here but I tried in a different motherboard and get 25 mhs

Hello 1 get 10 mh with raven. You can read this: ROG STRIX B250F GAMING motherboard for Eth mining - Page 2 — Ethereum Community Forum

I’ve tried mining Raven and i get at least 14.5mh. Usually stays at 14.8, sometimes even 15 so I consider it really good.

Ofc, bios modded and with OC applied.

The DAG is over 4gb, so 4gb cards aren’t going to work.

Try puting your card directly in gpu socket. P2 p3 p4 sockets will give you from 18 to 27 mhs. With risers 4gb cards cant mine eth annymore

Hi Manlu, Im trying to get mine to 14, but just hit 12, i have modded the bios, can you share some OC Settings ? mi card is a MSI 580 4GB

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