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RX5700XT Wont start system - hangs on "Loading drivers"

After reboot (TRM GPU1 DEAD massage) system went offline. After few minutes i could see, that it s stuck at loading drivers. I can enter into the system in maintence mode without loaded drivers. Any other way ends hanged. I ve got to gpu`s like thet, both samung memory. 1 was mining for 2 weeks, and the other for 1 day.

any ideas what to do ?


After somme digging, i can get THIS

As You can see. GPU has loaded drivers, but can be seen as nonXT and sommething`s wrong.
Any advise ?

I have same issue.
What did you try to fix it?

Same here, did you get any news?

Unfortynatly had no news on this field…
Power connection - ok
Drivers - ok
Bios - ok
Hive can see GPU, but cannot install driver properly.
Windows has this same issue.
Now i had two GPU`s like that - RedDevil 5700 and Reference 5700XT - Both samsung memory.

Last chance is to run it under oldest beta HIVE, but in my opinion it will give nothing.

P.s. Red devil was working fine for me, after opening and cleaning PCB. It was working fine for 2-3 weeks, and died aggain. Openend and cleaned like did before - still dead.
By cleaning i mean - water wash, ipa 99 wash, if still messy - mechanic cleaning, ipa 99 wash, hot air dry.

P.S.2 Red devil was in electronic service, but noticed “BAD GPU” only, thats why i`ve opened it and washed - it was messy. I was verry happy for two weeks.,

Have the same thing,tried everything and the only thing what helps was to unplug it and plug it back in all the risers from gpu’s.Just remove it and put it back.It still happens once in few days and that’s the only way I can get it working again.Tried v6 v7 risers but still same problem,all risers was used for the pass 4 years,ordered new ones to see if that will solve the problem

Last week i took my 5700XT reference (100% samsung memory) broken model, just to test new mobo - starts fine - no poroblem…I have put it into working rig. No problem for 24h. After 24h - same driver problem…
Have 2 5700 like this - PC RD 5700 (SAMSUNG) and GIGABYTE 5700XT REFERENCE (SAMSUNG).

So `im plugging it on from time to time, and checks on it…

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