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RX5700XT Randomly crashing (on Multiple brands of cards and MB's)

Hey Guy’s,

The last 4 weeks i have been fighting error after error on my new Rigs.
Got a awesome deal for 72 Brand new cards RX5700 XT different Brands but up till now the only thing they are gathering is dust.

The best i got out of the cards is running stable for 1 / 1,5 days. In this period there is always 1 random card running different from others (litle bit notabele hashrate)

After the 1 to 1,5 day’s of running the rig crashes because a Random GPU Dead message.
at this point the rig isn’t even stable anymore after a reboot it keeps crashing and crashing until i did 3 or 4 hard resets ending up running stable (ish) for the next 1 to 1,5 day’s.

Specs hard and software:
Bios tested: Default and Latest.

MB: Asrock H110 Pro BTC+
Bios tested: 1.6 / 1.62 / 1.64a
CPU: 4 × Intel® Core™ i3-6300 CPU @ 3.80GHz AES
Disk Model: SanDisk Ultra Fit 30.8GB
Mem: 8GB Crucial
Systeem type: linux
Kernel: 5.0.21-hiveos-beta
Tested Drivers: 19.3 / 19.5 / 20.1
Card Brands: Power color Red dragon, Power color red devil, Xtx Thic 3, Saphire Pulse
Numbers of cards: Target is 13 on a board (but running 8 for now) (same brand each try)

Component status: Brand NEW for all.
Trouble shooting: All components have been swapped incl. cards 1 by 1 for 3 times.
To rule out Hardware issues.

OC settings: core: 1300 / mem: 900 / Core voltage: 800 / Mem voltage: 1325 mem controller voltage: 830

Miners try’d: Phoenix miner / team red miner / Claymore

I’m litterly lost try’s everything hardware wise even replacing the sata cables for the risers (putting 1 card on 1 cable) etc. most people i speak to have there rig’s running fine and some of them have the same issue as me but there just running a few cards so dont really care about it.

If anyone can help or has the same issue’s please shout out worst case mabey we can find a solution togheter

MAny many many many tnks in advance


Mine was crashing on phoenix miner every hour and I switched to lolminer 1.14 on HiveOS kerbal 5.6 beta v157 and it ran for 20 hrs.

Do not run on USB sticks, funny things happen, so I switched to SSD runs a lot better.

Running 16GB seems to help a little bit. Your core speed is too low, try 1350 or 1400.

I’m also trying HiveOS stable 5.0.21 kernal v172 with AMD driver 20.30.

I have Asrock H110 and I run PCIE speed on auto and it seems to run more stable than gen1 and gen2.

Disable CSM

Keep a monitor connected to rig or use a fake-hdmi stick


What PSU are u using ?

I experienced the same issue with my 5700 xt cards. The dead gpu was never consistent. I now have it running stable using Phoenix miner. My fix was dialing in each GPU on its own for OC settings. I have 4 with Samsung memory 2 with Micron.

2 of the Samsung will only run stable with this OC
Core 1350
Mem 0
780/780/1350 for the power settings.
Those run stable at 51+ MH/s. 82-87 watt after settings.
The other Samsung are the same except memory OC is 900. 52+MH/s. Same power consumption as the other

Microns both run with
Core 1375
Mem 910
Stable with 54+ MH/s power consumption 108-115 per card.
Hope this helps.

I have 2 cards that both cant handle 900 mhz memclock stable. so some cards are not designed for overclocking memory I think. reduce to stock memory and give it a try

Each GPU is its own beast. I have 5 1080ti 3 run at 51MH/s no matter what I try the best the other 2 do is 49. All 5 ZOTAC amped version. When I set up a rig I tune one card at a time allowing it to run 30 minutes to make sure its stable. It takes a bit of time but eventually I have a stable rig pushing as high a hashrate as I can get. My current 13 card rig runs 550-560. Good luck and happy mining.

Why disable csm?

You have to disable CSM to go over 8 GPU limit

I now run NBminer 34.0 stable with my old OC settings that was unstable with phoenixminer. Using HiveOS stable build 172 with AMDopencl 20.30.

:+1: sounds like you have this one fixed. Those 5700 xt are great miners.

do you get less hashrate with nbminer?

I recognized that different miners penetrate memory differenty…so more or less overclocking is possible and more or less hashrate…
For me phonenixminer makes good hashrate…so what´s your experience with nbminer? more or less hashrate? as you can get higher overclocking, I assume less memory penetration…or more efficient penetration?

I get slightly less hashrate but my acceptance rate stays at 99-100% in NBminer whereas in phoenixminer I get 96-98% acceptance rate AND is crashes a lot more often, so NBminer is better in the long run.

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can you please you card settings ? 1080 Ti

Have you found out the solutions to fix the intermittent Dead GPU crash?