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RX5700XT and RX6600XT at the same RIG

Hi, I have some issue at my rig. I have some 5700XT and now upgrade with extra 2x6600XT. Point is that PM miner works only with 5700XT cards - he sees 6600XT but they don’t mine. I try with second miner but it doesn’t work or I configured it wrong. Is that possible at all to have 5700XT nad 6600XT at the same time at the same rig?

you can mix all - try teamredminer or gminer (i use for mixed nvidia amd)

Try gminer and try TRM - both the same and look like this in hiveos status:


Funny thing. I left only 6600 XT cards and nothing changed. Hiveos sees cards but don’t mine - both cards was checked in PCI-E x16 slot and are ok also one of them work with riser (mining under Win) so it’s weird.

Ok. Solution is here - only beta ver support this cards :wink:

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