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RX5700 XT Aorus

Hi All.

Recently got my hands on several of these cards.

Jsut wandering has anyone actually managed to succesfully Bios / PPT mod these cards?

I’ve had a google and have tried the Memory strap / SPPT mod using Igors tools ( Red Bios Editor + Power Play Tool ) however no luck, tried patching it with several different versions of the AMD Bios patch tool. Patch was succesfull but then windows refused to boot, so i had to flash them back to stock.

I also saw the post on Igor’s forum around using the offical gigabyte flashing tool, tried this but had the same problem.

I also tried flashing the gigabyte gaming oc version bios over onto the Aorus, once again patch appeared to be succesfull but they refused to boot.

I have found a workaround, basically these cards come with the dual bios switch, so i can boot using the original bios then flip the switch to the modded version however this is not practical as if there are issues and the miner needs to restart they will fail to boot unless i manually flip the bios back using the switch.

Does anyone know of a way i can succesfully bios mod these cards? Or if there has been a tool released which allows you to succesfully sign the bios after applying modifications?

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