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RX5700 issues

What are your overclocking settings? and can you screenshot memory temps too? Do you have the auto fan settings on?

The place I bought the rig from changed my settings and so far it’s not rebooting anymore

Target Core TEMP 58°C
Target MEM TEMP*86°C
Min fan speed10%
Max fan speed90%
My autofan settings. Just saying. Your fans might be creating heat :stuck_out_tongue:
As for booting. I don’t know what kind of hash you were getting before but… Up your core and down your mem… What i’m using right now with shitty asus 5700…
core 1420 vdd860 mem820. 51 mh 130 W. I’ve been troubleshooting and haven’t tweaked yet going lower from 860, or up from mem820

wait a minute, take out those power limits!!!

don’t change anything else for your oc settings, take out those power limits. You’ll probably be back at 55 mh
but change your autofan ahah.

Change the power settings to what?

And turn off auto fan?

I cleared out the power limits

Get it running?

Yea it is running, I will keep an eye on it and see if it starts to act up again. Thanks for your help!

Hi , im also facing heat issue after installed 2nd gpu. How did u go with the setting. thanks

do you still get 90 + mem ? if not how did you fix it ?

I found cooler rom , but this tuf evo core is hotter than my other 5700. shit card

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