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Rx570 4GB stopped working

Hi guys, my rx570 4gb stopped working, it shows n/a as hashrate, anyone having the same problem and what’s the solution?

Yes i have the same problem with the same cards. my both miners stopped working yesterday at the same time for ETH. They both were not able to mine ETC for last couple of months. They stil can mine monero. Definitely problem with HiveOS. Not sure what exactly to do.

Perhaps someone from HIveos can help us on this? I will try to reach out to their customer service for that. Anyway, I found a temp solution by using “redteaminer” as the miner and it works fine for rx570 cards. Alternatively i think you can use nanominer also.

I think your guess was correct regarding Teamred Miner. Anyway, I’ve got some response from Hive as following:
"There’s still a bit of juice to squeeze from these, even though their days are numbered.
You can try getting these cards back to work with the following methods:

  1. Ensure you’re running HiveOS on the latest stable version and updates.
  2. Switch your miner to the latest version of TeamRedMiner, Ethminer or Phoenixminer.
  3. If your CPU has built-in graphics (iGFX), you can try enabling Internal Graphics on your motherboard’s BIOS and ensure it’s set to Default
  4. If you’re still running into issues after trying the above, try removing the “REF” parameter in the overclocking panel.

If you’re still unable to get these cards working, they may have actual memory capacity below the 4GB mark and are no longer viable for ETH or ETC.
have not done this yet, but I will tray to switch the miners today.
Hope this helps!

Thanks for the help man! i had reached out to them but yet to get a reply. This would be really helpful, will try it out for sure!