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RX570 4g Asus Strix hynix

I mining ETH
I have 4 rx570 4g Asus Strix with mem Hynix. I Have the same bios on each card.and I use lolminer, the cards work 26Mhs, 21Mhs, 11, Mhs, 11Mhs.
Why aren’t they all the same?

that one is easy, not all 4 pcie 3.0 x16/x8 or pcie 2.0 16x

You’re right, I have 2 cards connected via PCIE 3.0, and 2 via pcie 2.0.
Is there enough riser changes?

4gb cards only work on pcie 3.0 x16/x8 or pcie 2.0 x16, risers carrie low bandwith x1 for the dag file share