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Rx470 Nitro 8Gb Mining edition, problems when i use more then 5 cards

Hello all :smiley:

So i have a rig with the q270 pro BTC+ MOBO that supports 13 cards, right now i only have 6x Rx 470 Nitro 8Gb (Mining edition cards)

when i use 5 cards everything works as it should, right now im mining NEOX with the NBminer, (Kawpow algo) But if i add the 6th card, then miner runs okei for about 3 mins then 3x cards gets this message: ( Temprature 511 is unreal, driver error)

Does anyone know why this is happening? i have done some research, and i see that people that draw too much power from 1 PSU can get this message, but this is not the case, the last card im adding has its own PSU at 750w, and my power is spread very well, only using like 3-400 watts per 750 watt PSU.

I have allso tried to change power cable, Riser, Riser cable, riser mobo slots, still only happens when the 6th card is added, allso i have tryed to remove another card, and then add the card, and its fine, but once i hit 6 cards, 3x cards will get this message again

And yes i have the Sata and molex power connected to the MOBO, (Q270 pro BTC+ needs extra power to run more then 3 cards)

thats a power delivery error, usually due to burnt/loose power cables, but can be due a loose riser or faulty card

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