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RX460 Intermittently stops hashing / low hash rate

I have a 12 x RX460 rig that I just switched from Windows to HiveOS yesterday. Since I made the change, I’ve been trying to figure out an issue with low hash rates and intermittent “connectivity,” for lack of a better term.

My setup:

  • Asus B250 Mining Expert, latest bios, etc.
  • MSI RX460 (12), mostly Samsung memory, but a couple with Hynix
  • All cards are stock BIOS, no overclocking applied
  • Started with HiveOS 0.5-52, but downgraded to 0.5-51
  • Miner: XMR-STAK, mining XMR @

On Windows I was consistently getting 330H/s with the Samsung cards and 300H/s with the Hynix cards. Now, none have hit that even at their max and they’ve been bouncing around between <100H/s and 300H/s max. The hash rate will swing from a total of around 3,400H/s down to 1500 within a matter of seconds. Within this, I also have cards that stop hashing/stop reporting a hash rate intermittently; again this is changes over a matter of seconds.

When I was running 0.5-52 I wasn’t getting an overall hash rate reported to HiveOS and when looking at XMR-STAK’s reporting API, it wasn’t being reported there either. Downgrading to 0.5-51 has fixed this issue and also seems to have lessened the occurrence of non-hashing/non-reporting cards, but has not fully resolved it, nor has the hash rate stabilized.

I have tried both the default AMD config from XMR-STAK and overriding it, without any difference in results. I have the CPU disabled for mining. Current config for the cards is (applied to all cards):

// gpu: Baffin memory:1395
// compute units: 14
{ “index” : 0,
“intensity” : 672, “worksize” : 8,
“affine_to_cpu” : 0, “strided_index” : 1, “mem_chunk” : 2,
“comp_mode” : true

I’ve searched the forums for similar issues, but not found any relevant answers. I’m fairly adept with Windows, but relatively new to Linux, so have little in the way of troubleshooting experience on this platform.

Any thoughts on where to go from here are appreciated.

Same is the case with my rx460s (which also keep crashing). have you found a workaround or a fix?

Please share your experience!