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Rx 6800 xt

Has anyone started mining with one of these yet? I am looking at upgrading a couple of my AMD cards to improve my hashrate. It is a choice between the new 6800 XT and the 5700 XT. I have several 5700 cards that perform very well. Some of the online forums are showing a hashrate of 60-70 with the 6800 version, but if that is the difference the price point says stick with the 5700’s. I would love some input on this. Thanks everyone and happy mining.

without using the new amd 5000 cpu series you can only have 1 instance mining with 6800, you take no advantage of the SAM, so I think it´s not a good idea. you stay at 60+ mhash
If you have AMD 5000 series cpu, check if SAM can be used through Hiveos…then go for it…or use win10 for mining.
I would use 5700 cards as they are proven so mine 55-60 mhash for 125 w off the wall…that´s a rock solid value…and wait for development for the new amd cards.

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Thank you very much for that. I will be sticking with the proven 5700XT. The seven that I have been running have been doing a great job.

What’s SAM?

Hi Cerberus,

I’m thinking about getting a bunch of 5700 (non-XT) probably MSI or Asrock, do you have experience with those? can you get them at least 55 Mhash?

I just responded to you on the other thread. Let me know if you don’t get that message

that´s the part where you can load the dag file twice per card and double your hashrate.

nvidia just released the 3060 series. it´s the same memory than 3070, so it gets around 60+ mhash, but it only consumes 130/140 w…so it´s slightly better than a 5700, cost the same (399 for reference model) and is a new competitor for the AMD cards. resell value should be higher too… I think I will look into these new nvidia cards the next few weeks and maybe replace 1 or 2 of my 5700´s, as long as I can re-sell them on ebay for a good price.

Don’t suggest to buy 3060 ti, prices higher than 5700, production of the same

Do you know of any 13-14 GPU motherboards that use the 5000 series chip. I am thinking of going that direction for my build this year. Thanks

Hey very interesting point.

Do you know any page or tutorial to make 2 instances of mining with the 6800 cards ??

you need win 10, amd 5000 series cpu, amd 6000 series gpu and activate sam. then just use miner in win10. check youtube for some vids. its actually only 40 mhash per instance, so worse than a nvidia 3080 :frowning:

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Are you using your 6800’s on Hive? If so how did you get them working?

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